• What is the difference between red and green stations?
  • RED stations are charging points set up or provided by Mahindra Reva. These are compatible with MReva electric vehicles.
    For compatibility with other EVís, user will have to physically check for themselves.
    GREEN stations are charging points which have been set-up with the help of the EV community. The compatibility of these points are mentioned in each point description.

  • Why dont i see any charge stations near my location?
  • There could be no charge stations around your location. Try zooming up to see charge stations pan India.

  • How can i be sure if the community charging station is safe to use?
  • These stations are tested and verified by our EV users and are safe to the best of our knowledge. However, as responsible EV driver, we would advise that you should always carry your own charging cable with safety equipment like earthing indicator etc.

    If you are unable to charge at a specific location, please use our Report Charge Pointí feature to let us know about the issue that you faced and we will surely speak with charge point owner to rectify the issue.

  • Can i call before visiting?
  • Yes. We will strongly advise you contact the charge point owner before going to the point. This will help avoid cases like power failure, owner not available etc.

  • Will we have real time support from RE:CHARGE INDIA, if something goes wrong?
  • No, there will not be any real time support. This is a community initiative. ReCharge India is only acting as a facilitator between the owner of the charging station and the community. In case of any issues, you can visit our site and contact us, if you want help. We will contact you back within 48 hours.

  • If this free or paid?
  • That depends on the business or the person responsible for those charging stations. Some might offer it as a free service; some might take a small fee. The fee depends on the owner but we will try our best to ensure it is nominal.

    Terms and conditions and mode of payment are dependent on owner of charge point and ReCharge India will not be held responsible for any disputes.

  • Why are you doing this?
  • We @ ReCharge India want to see as many EV’s as possible on Indian roads. However, we don’t see active progress made by corporations or the government in setting up any type of charging stations. Meanwhile, the community is willing to help setup such stations which will help EV owners go beyond their city on weekends or for work without worrying about charge running out. These stations will also act as an incentive for a potential EV buyer to go for these environment friendly vehicles.