About Us

Who are we?

The RE:CHARGE INDIA app and website is brought to you by PlugInIndia.com in association with RE:LIVE INDIA.


What is PluginIndia.com?

We @PluginIndia are passionate bout EV’s and clean tech. Our aim is to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our country’s dependence on imported oil and thus improve the global environment.
We really love clean technologies like recycling, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels) etc. We believe these technologies which will power our transportation and energy needs in the future.
We have conceived RE:LIVE events to promote EV’s and has advanced community charging by pioneering the idea of community charging stations, where communities open up their homes, offices and businesses for the EV owners. We drive electric. So can you!


What is RE:LIVE?

RE:LIVE is the coming together of likeminded people who believe in the concept of electric mobility.
All these people are bound by a common thread – they drive a private electric vehicle regularly.
Currently, this initiative has only started voluntarily within a small group of individuals, primarily in the Delhi and Pune region, who drive an electric car. But soon next generation e-bikes can join us too for these events.

The aim of this group of people is to create awareness about electric mobility within society, make people realise the importance having emission free transportation and in the process help clean up our cities’ ever increasing pollution. It is an attempt to persuade society to think about the life that was there two decades ago and imagine being in that era of cleaner environments.

Hence the name – RE:LIVE or Rally (Rallying) for Ecological Initiation of Vital Environments.
RE:LIVE would be organizing events across cities in India.
​These events could be Electric vehicle rally, demonstration, intra city rides, rides outside cities, visiting clean energy communities etc

Read more at – http://www.pluginindia.com/events.html


What is the RE:CHARGE INDIA app and website?

One of the biggest hurdles for EV’s currently is the availability of sufficient charging points. The EV community across the country has joined hands to help set up community charge points across routes that we like to drive on both within the city and outside the city. Along with charge points provided by brands such as Mahindra Automobiles, we aim to electrify every possible route in this country so that an EV can be driven without an anxiety.



How can we be contact?

Kindly email us at support@rechargeindia.me

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